OpenSea NFT Collection Idyllic Swiss Nights

Welcome to my NFT Collection Idyllic Swiss Nights.

Accompany me through idyllic Swiss nightscapes and enjoy with me the stars and our beautiful milky way.

The night sky is a special passion of mine. In recent years I spent a lot of time under our starry sky. The silence of the night, the stars and our milky way fascinate me. I was allowed to enjoy many experiences and adventures and collected many magical memories. The collection Idyllic Swiss Nights shows places in my home country where I feel very comfortable and at home. The captured photos are a memory tank for me. In which all my experiences, feelings and emotions are stored and bring me back to these magical places and nights. I would like to invite you on a journey with my photos and pass on to you the same emotions that I was able to enjoy.

NFT Collection Idyllic Swiss Nights
NFT Collection Idyllic Swiss Nights

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Each piece includes an unlockable high resolution download of the image for personal use only.

After the first three sales I will surprise you with random airdrops.

The more sales the more surprises will be waiting for you 👀

After each sale I give back to nature and donate to a Swiss nature organization. And I invest directly in the community by supporting artists on their first sales.

Idyllic Swiss Nights available on OpenSea